Farming is an essential part of Chikn gameplay, allowing players to earn reward tokens that they can use throughout the ecosystem.

Farming has two primary forms: LP Farming and Single-Sided Staking (SSS).

SSS was the first form of staking to launch and saw players stake $EGG tokens to earn $FEED. Players used the $FEED to grow their chikn, allowing them to lay more $EGG which could be added to SSS to produce even more $FEED. It’s the holy trinity of passive gameplay that underscored the original Tri-Token Architecture of the ecosystem.

Today, LP Farming is the primary way players earn tokens, although SSS is still running in a limited capacity. SSS will be renewed in future updates once $FEED rewards have been fully distributed.

No NFTs are required for Farming, although players looking to maximize their returns usually opt to activate at least one FarmLand NFT. FarmLand enable players to increase their Silo capacity and increase their farm fertility, in turn allowing them to accumulate more rewards at a faster rate.

For more information on LP Farming, including details on Silos, reward rates, and fertility, see the relevant sections under LP Farm in the FarmLand NFT section.

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