Mint Mechanics

Total supply: 12,000 Roostr

Mint status: Sold out

The Roostr mint was an important milestone for Chikn. Not only did it cause the most activity Avalanche has ever seen, but it revolutionized the way projects and artists launch NFT collections. Thanks to Roostr, Chikn cemented its place as the most important gaming NFT project on Avalanche and ensured that $EGG would play a role not just in our game, but in the broader NFT ecosystem moving forward.

The Roostr mint proceeded over two days on April 14 and 15, 2022. The first round on April 14 introduced gamified mintsโ€”a concept that will see wide application throughout Eggnite.

All chikn NFT holders were whitelisted for the mint, with some limited spots available for the public to participate. A total of 4,000 Roostr were allocated for day one.

The first 30 minutes of Round 1 allowed whitelisted chikn NFT holders to register for a Roostr. The following 30 minutes allowed the public to register for the remaining allocated Roostr. Round 1 had a limit of one NFT per wallet and players were required to pay 100 $EGG in order to secure their Roostr NFT.

Once all Roostr were allocated, the gamified mint began. Paying the 100 $EGG registration fee guaranteed the registered wallet a mint, however, the rarity of those NFTs would be determined by a race to burn the most additional $EGG.

Players who burned $EGG through the mint had their totals added to a leaderboard. At the end of an hour, those who had placed higher on the leaderboard ultimately revealed a rarer Roostr.

The Roostr mint was a resounding success and paved the way for future mints to utilize similar mechanics. A total of 1.215 million $EGG was burned during the mint.

Round 2 took place 24 hours after the start of Round 1. Round 2 was a regular public mint priced in $AVAX with a limit of 2 NFTs per transaction, with players receiving a random Roostr NFT during the reveal. The price to mint was fixed at 1.75 $AVAX (plus gas) per Roostr and sold out in just 15 minutes.

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