Laying $EGG

To lay $EGG, all you need is a chikn NFT. These can be purchased from the marketplace or on OpenSea.

With your chikn NFT in your wallet, head to and navigate to Chikn > Roost.

Select the chikn you would like to roost, or select ‘Roost All’.

Note that most chikn are already roosted. Because of Chikn’s pioneering non-custodial staking contracts, players don’t need to unstake their chikn to sell or transfer them. If you’re purchasing a chikn from the marketplace, there’s a good chance it’s already roosted, meaning you won’t need to do anything to start accumulating $EGG.

Your chikn will now begin laying $EGG at a predefined rate determined by its KG.

  • All chikn have a base weight of 1 KG, where they lay 1 $EGG per day.

  • Increasing the KG of your chikn increases the $EGG laid by 0.25 $EGG per KG per day.

To claim your $EGG, simply click ‘Claim’ and complete the transaction.

Unclaimed $EGG are not actually real $EGG tokens on the blockchain, but rather a number that demonstrates how much new $EGG should be minted to your wallet when you choose to claim. We highly recommend claiming your $EGG regularly in the case of any technical issues resulting in the loss of unclaimed $EGG, which cannot be recovered.

In this system, unclaimed $EGG are indexed to the chikn NFT itself, not the staking wallet. This means that any unclaimed $EGG will be transferred with the chikn when the NFT is transferred (for example, when sold on the marketplace). If you’ve listed your chikn for sale, make sure to regularly claim your $EGG to avoid it getting sold alongside your chook. If you’re purchasing a new chikn, check to see if it comes with a nice $EGG bonus.

For more information on the Roost, see the Roosting section.

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