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NFTs Overview

Chikn burst onto the scene in November 2021 with the blockchain’s first (and probably only) collection of upgradable coqs. This collection, known lovingly as chikn, was the first of many to come, each adding additional value and complexity to the Chikn game and providing new opportunities to test the limits of poultry-themed double entendres.
Today, the Chikn ecosystem contains five different NFTs:
  • chikn NFTs
  • Roostr NFTs
  • FarmLand NFTs
  • Blueprint NFTs
  • Item NFTs
Upgradability is a core component of what makes Chikn different. Unlike most NFT collections that have static metadata that cannot change, Chikn NFTs are constantly evolving. This is the very experience that gamers are familiar with in traditional video games and one that most blockchain projects have failed to capture. As you level your NFTs in-game, the record of this is permanently etched into the NFT’s metadata. When you buy or sell a Chikn ecosystem NFT, it transfers with all of the upgrades applied to that point.
The revolutionary upgradable smart contracts that underpin Chikn NFTs are now available to other projects, brands, and creators via our launchpad, Eggnite. With Eggnite, project creators can leverage Chikn infrastructure to launch their collections with the support of the largest and most active community on Avalanche.
Chikn NFTs are designed with ecosystem utility at their core. Each new NFT adds additional value to the game while providing new ways for players to burn the tokens they earn in-game. While you don’t need any NFTs to begin exploring Chikn, players quickly realize the value that all of them bring.
Chikn is by no means done with new types of NFTs. As the game develops and as projects join Eggnite, additional NFT collections will be integrated into the game and broader ecosystem. All of these will prioritize function and utility, ensuring that the continuous value loop that Chikn farmers know and love is maintained and enhanced.