Ecosystem Plans

The Chikn ecosystem is constantly growing with new features and gameplay mechanics regularly introduced. The game today is very different from the game when we launched, and will look very different in the years to come.
At the center of all ecosystem development is a commitment to maintaining the continuous gamification loop for players. New NFTs, minigames, and infrastructure updates are all designed to bring extra value to the ecosystem.
As anyone in the community will testify, we’re fans of underpromising and overdelivering. As such, the ecosystem doesn’t have a roadmap per se—rather a set of features that we’re committed to rolling out. This list is by no means exhaustive, and surprise updates occur regularly.
CoqFight will bring active PvP gameplay to the Chikn ecosystem. Players will test their mettle against others in a fight to see which birds will rule the competitive roost.
Various traits, upgradable metadata, and Items will impact the outcome of these battles.
CoqFight development is ongoing.
Chikn DAO
Whether you're a chikn maxi or an $EGG whale, you'll want to make sure you're part of the Chikn DAO.
The Chikn DAO is a governing body that will collectively make decisions regarding the future of the ecosystem by way of voting. Members will be permitted to assist in the governance of the Chikn DAO Treasury, deliberate on ecosystem features, and vote on certain changes to the in-game economy.
The Chikn DAO Treasury will hold a basket of assets that will contribute to that DAO’s underlying value. These assets can be liquidated or held, depending on the will of the DAO. While the DAO isn’t active yet, there are already assets reserved for the Treasury including 800 million $FEED and a basket of AVAX NFTs from both the Chikn ecosystem and other projects on Avalanche.
The Bokchain (Avalanche Subnet)
The Bokchain Subnet is a critical step in the growth and expansion of the Chikn ecosystem. The Bokchain will mean that our expected millions of transactions won’t be competing for block space on the Avalanche C-Chain, reducing the load on the main network to ensure a faster, smoother user experience when interacting daily with their NFTs—be it idle OR active gameplay.
The need for our own subnet was highlighted during the Roostr mint, which saw the main Avalanche blockchain crippled by Chikn user activity. It’s imperative that projects launching on Eggnite via gamified mints run smoothly and avoid congestion on the primary Avalanche blockchain.
The Bokchain will add additional utility to $EGG, with the token serving as the subnet’s custom gas token. Transactions will require $EGG in order to be processed.
The Bokchain gives Chikn the opportunity to weave NFTs into the fabric of a blockchain. This is an exciting frontier for the Chiknverse which will set new precedents in the industry.
We have the official support of Avalabs and are undergoing technical discussions and considerations for implementation, as well as proposing where and how any grant funding would be used. We want to ensure our subnet rollout is done right—it can’t be understated how new and incredibly complex this technology is.