Roost 🏠

Roost your chikn in the barn.

The first layer of idle-gameplay at

The 'Roost' is where the magic happens. Simply Roost your chikn and it lays $egg automatically. Want to lay more $egg per day? Simply $feed your chikn to make it Biggr.
This process is similar to 'staking', only it makes way more sense. Everyone knows chikn lay $egg. In time, this process will also be extended to all 3rd Party NFTs launching on
Our ultimate vision is to have NFT lovers and normies alike - interacting with DeFi infrastructure without even knowing it. HOW IT WORKS:

1. Roost your chikn, lay some EGG.

This is the only step required to get your chikn laying. Simply head to: (at the disclosed time above)
Make sure your wallet is connected — then roost a single chikn OR roost them all! Sign the transaction and voila! Your chikn has started laying! Claim your $egg at any time.
Don’t worry, ‘Roosting’ is not traditional staking. We do not require ownership or possession of your chikn NFT. They are your chikn after all! This means you can still list your chikn for sale if you’re silly enough to do so — but be warned — any unclaimed $egg from this chikn will be the rightful property of its new owner! This opens the chikn marketplace up to all new kinds of fun ‘sniping’ opportunities.

2. Use your EGG, farm some FEED.

Once you have claimed some $egg, simply stake it to start farming $feed. Single-sided staking was to be our interim solution while our LP-staking contract gets audited — but now it’s a mainstay feature of
The yield is damn good — and $egg-LP staking will be even better! $feed will currently be farmed at a daily 3x ratio per $egg staked. The more $egg you stake, the more $feed you farm. Simply claim your $feed at any time to use it.
You may also withdraw your $egg from staking at any time — but because eggies are delicate, they are subject to a ‘breakage fee’ of 8.33% (1 in every dozen). This acts as incentive for $egg to remain staked, while permanently burning 8.33% of all $egg that gets unstaked. A win-win for chikn & $egg holders alike.
Can’t be bothered staking your $egg? Want your $feed quicker? We’ve got you covered. There is the option to burn your $egg in a direct swap for $feed, currently set at a ratio of 1:120.
Note: There IS a hard-cap on $feed, meaning yes — it will run out. At some stage, it will become untenable/too expensive for people to make their chikn much Biggr. So, in short, the race to grow the biggest chikn is on!

3. FEED your chikn, make it Biggr.

Finally, once you’ve claimed some $feed, feed it to your chikn to make it Biggr.
Why? Because Biggr chikn lay more $egg than smol chikn — and not to mention they will also have significant advantages when it comes to our p2e gaming model.
(eggsample of a Roosted chikn)
Once your chikn is FULL, you will be able to level-up/grow your chikn — writing straight to its metadata — increasing its ‘kg’ by +1.
However, the Biggr your chikn gets, the more $feed it will need to level up moving forward, and thus the time it takes to digest its food increases. It’s just science. Notice that skip button? We feel this will come in handy for players at some point, say - once a day, should you wish to continue to outpace your competition…