$EGG 🥚

The fuel for the upgradable NFT revolution on Avalanche.
The most powerful, protein-packed token that gaming has ever seen.

The native governance & utility token of Chikn & the fuel for the upgradable NFT revolution on Avalanche.

ALL 10,000 chikn can lay $egg - the fuel that is burned to run the Chikn ecosystem. No other NFT can ever lay $egg. Simply 'Roost' your chikn to start laying $egg.
Biggr chikn lay more $egg than smol chikn. Grow your chikn Biggr with $feed.
In time, 3rd Party NFTs to launch on will be 'fed' $egg (in place of $feed) to increase their own metadata stats, and subsequent token output. This will cause mounting deflationary pressure on $egg, as 'fed' $egg is burned
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Token name: chikn egg (EGG) Contract address: 0x7761E2338B35bCEB6BdA6ce477EF012bde7aE611 $egg is a fair-launch token. As such, the only initial supply of $egg is the following: - 1million $egg airdropped equally to all 10,000 chikn (100 $egg each), with no prior advertising of the fact. - 1million $egg reserved for Liquidity, to keep the ecosystem functioning optimally & with minimal slippage. Total Initial Supply: 2million $egg $egg will then be laid by all roosted chikn at an initial rate of 10,000 $egg per day, increasing over time to a hypothetical maximum of ~120,000 $egg per day. $egg Laid over 24 Months: ~63million $egg The only other $egg allocation will be dispersed weekly two years of operations. This is to ensure the growth and success of the chikn ecosystem. Total supply in first 24 months: ~116million $egg
$egg laying: 63million Initial Airdrop (to all chikn): 1million Team & Advisors: 10.4million 0x4ea322d0b5b2056520be55f53f2ef7b36acba22d Ecosystem Development: 10.4million 0x53a6fd2ba9a398892dda5dec589f2e2d9a653443 Liquidity: 10.4million 0xa09361c026775997bf88229e038b3812fe873e0a Marketing: 10.4million 0x1b77e506f016c5a069619ebe1515c23227fdc7f4 Strategic Partnerships: 10.4million 0x729b4051170c9cc1e48f46962446cd1f552b179d
The reason for projecting over a period of time is because there is no hard-cap on $egg. chikn will always lay $egg.
Note: we assign no value to the $egg token. It holds no economic value, and its only intended purpose is for interacting within the chikn ecosystem.