Farming Guide
For the diligent farmer
Roost your chikn and it will lay $egg based on its weight, measured in kg. All chikn begin at 1 kg and lay exactly 1 $egg per day, with a linear increase of 0.25 egg per kg. Feed your chikn to make it biggr and lay more egg! Egg is claimable at any time, with no lock periods or minimums. When your chikn grows a kg, any unclaimed egg rewards will increase to match the higher lay rate.
Staking your $egg token generates $feed token, currently 3 $feed for every egg staked per day. Deposit enough of this $feed token into your chikn, and then you can grow your chikn kg. Feed is claimable at any time, with no lock periods or minimums. Unstaking your eggs will incur a breakage fee of one in every twelve eggs, or 8.33%. The feed cost to grow a chikn increases by a square factor per kg, feed = 25*kg^2.
Digestion time is how long you must wait after growing your chikn before you can grow it again. If you unroost your chikn, the digestion time and feed progress for your current KG will reset back to 0. The digestion time starts at 1 hour and increases linearly by 1 hour for every kg, time = kg*1 hour.
You can skip the digestion time by burning some egg tokens. The fee starts at 100 egg, and increases linearly by 100 with every subsequent kg. You can only skip digestion time once per day per chikn. Egg cost =100*kg.
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