Farm 🚜

The game for Farmers. Put your $egg LP tokens here.

The second layer of idle-gameplay at

Farm for $feed to $feed your chikn.
Farming $feed, a token of finite supply - and the only method with which to upgrade your chikn - is executed by staking $egg, and/or $egg LP tokens on $egg LP tokens are received when $egg is locked up on AMMs, such as Trader Joe, as liquidity. The initial pair for Liquidity Provision will be $EGG/$AVAX - but this will by no means be the only pair. This is largely where those who don't own chikn can still participate in the growth of the ecosystem, particularly if they own a FarmLand NFT
This process is akin to traditional 'farming', only we live on an actual farm. With actual chikn.
In time, this process will also be extended to all 3rd Party NFTs and their tokens launching on In these instances new 3rd Party tokens will be locked in $egg pairs for LP on Trader Joe and other AMMs, to then be staked at